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Discover the characteristics and needs of your target customer segments.
EngineeringProductSales/Business DevelopmentC-Level & Business Owners


Problem: Engineers often struggle with identifying and addressing the specific points of failure in models.
Solution with Manot:
Automated feedback loop streamlines communication with product teams.
Advanced scoring mechanism identifies potential issues in model accuracy.
Enhanced efficiency in troubleshooting and refining models.
Reduced time spent on manual data analysis and curation as well as model evaluation.


Problem: Product managers need actionable insights to understand model performance and guide development.
Solution with Manot:
• Insights are provided in the form of images, showing where and why a model may underperform.
• Model agnostic approach allows for broad application across various projects.
• Clear, visual insights aid in decision-making.
• Continuous feedback loop ensures alignment with engineering teams.

Sales/Business Development

Problem: Sales and business development teams require a clear product differentiationto effectively market and sell.
Solution with Manot:
• Demonstrates cost reduction and efficiency in model development.
• Provides concrete examples of model improvement and accuracy.
•Better model performance accuracy than your competition, ensuring a better product and customer experience.
•Close deals quicker by proactively meeting compliance and prospect needs.

C-Level & Business Owners

Problem: Executives face challenges in reducing customer churn, accelerating time tomarket, and managing AI development costs.
Solution with Manot:
• Provides accurate and timely insights to enhance model performance, leading to improved customer satisfaction and retention.
• Streamlines the development process, accelerating time to market for new products and features.Advanced scoring mechanism identifies potential issues in model accuracy.
• Directly addresses customer churn by improving AI systems reliability and performance.
•Reduces overall development costs and shortens the development cycle, leading to quicker returns on investment and increased competitive advantage.