Enabling Accurate and Reliable Computer Vision Models Across Industries

Discover Manot, the ultimate platform specifically designed to enhance your Computer Vision models.
With advanced error prediction, diagnosis and mitigation, Manot provides actionable real-world insights to have reliable and intelligent models while saving time and resources.

No matter the industry or application,
Manot has you covered

Sports Analytics

Detect and mitigate errors in computer vision models for reliable sports performance analysis and data-driven decision making.

Warehouse Management

Enhance efficiency of warehouse operations by detecting anomalies, diagnosing errors, and improving workflows.


Improve surveillance system effectiveness by proactively detecting threats and potential risks through continuous analysis and diagnosis of surveillance footage.

Retail Automation

Analyze computer vision models in retail environments to diagnose errors and extract actionable insights, optimizing the effectiveness of retail automation.

Autonomous Robotics

Achieve higher levels of autonomy, reliability, and safety with error detection and continuous model optimization for dynamic environments.


Streamline workflows, detect and predict errors to optimize computer vision models for quality control and manufacturing process optimization

With Manot,
you get:

Advanced error prediction and diagnosis tailored for Computer Vision models

Actionable real-world insights to enhance model performance

Reliable and intelligent models that adapt to real-world conditions

Optimized workflow and decreased feedback loop in your team

Seamless integration and superior performance for your specific use case

Integrated services

Saved time and resources

No matter the industry or application,
Manot has you covered


Tiny Mile faced challenges in consistently operating their delivery robots in real-world environments, leading to delays and errors in the delivery process.


Tiny Mile partnered with Manot and Activeloop to optimize their data pipeline, regularly identify blind spots and monitor model performance, improving their robots' reliability and adaptability in changing real-world conditions.


Tiny Mile reduced costs associated with model retraining and redeployment by 30%, increased model accuracy by 20%, and reduced development time by 10x.




Model accuracy


Development time reduction

Manot is transforming how AI teams deploy computer vision models into production.

Let’s talk about how we can do the same for you.

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