Minimize your







model's real-world surprises

Diagnose and resolve model failures before they even happen. Resulting in data driven explainability, cross-function alignment, and automated data curation.

What Manot Offers

Improving computer vision model performance and your bottom line!
Faster Time-to-Market
10x boost in model refinement processes
Happier Customers
20% improvement in model accuracy
Budget Optimization
32% reduction in operational costs
Before Manot
After Manot
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See It in Action!

Without Manot your model performs as intended with minimal performance insights.
With Manot your model handles novel categories and scenarios where the model will fail.
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Without Manot
An image of a stool labeled
An image of a chair labeled
An image of a chair labeled
An image of a chair labeled
With Manot
Without Manot
An image of Groot with his face highlighted pink
An image of a woman with her face highlighted pink
An image of a man with a pink face
An image of a doll with a pink face
With Manot
Without Manot
A picture of a child boy smiling
An image of a child girl smiling
An image of a dog smiling
An image of a smily face painted on pavement
With Manot

Frequently Asked

What is Manot?
How does it work?
What are the advantages of Manot?
How can I use it?
Where do you take data from?
How are you detecting false positives and false negatives?
Do you generate images for us to augment our model with?

Manot Digest

Our ideas and thoughts on how to run computer vision models effectively in the real world.
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