Uncover Blindspots in Your
Computer Vision Models

What Manot Does?


  • Detect unexpected scenarios and unusual scenarios in real-world
  • Uncover hidden bias caused by limited training data
  • Identify edge cases and outliers impacting model performance


  • Collect, classify and prioritize data from edge cases
  • Curate the data and manage your datasets
  • Identify gaps and limitations in the training dataset


  • Streamline the workflow and reduce the feedback loop
  • Automate processes for efficient model refinement
  • Continuously adapt the model to changing real-world conditions


  • Use Generative AI to create scenarios based on real-world conditions
  • Augment training data with generated samples and simulated edge cases

How Manot Works?

Get Started

3 easy steps to get started

Install Manot

Install Manot and perform the initial setup to prepare for its usage.

Set up your data

Configure and prepare the data you will be using with Manot for analysis and processing.

Get insights

Start getting valuable insights from your data by detecting outliers and edge cases

Why Manot?

How does Manot help improve model performance?

Manot helps improve model performance by detecting and diagnosing errors in real-time, identifying edge cases and hidden bias, and providing insights for refining the model.

What are edge cases and hidden bias in computer vision models?

Computer vision models are algorithms or neural networks designed to analyze and interpret visual data, such as images and videos, and can be used for a variety of applications, such as surveillance, facial recognition, and autonomous vehicles.

What kind of insights and alerts does Manot provide?

Manot provides insights and alerts about detected errors, performance issues, hidden bias, and edge cases. It provides suggestions for model improvement as well as real-time alerts for immediate action.

What are the benefits of using Manot?

The benefits of using Manot include 15x faster model deployment, 26% increase in accuracy and 35% decrease in costs. Ultimately, Manot helps you have a safe and reliable compute vision model that continuously adapts to the changing conditions of the real-world environment.

How does Manot handle privacy and data security concerns?

Manot prioritizes privacy and data security by implementing security measures and employing best practices in privacy to safeguard sensitive information.

What industries or use cases can benefit from using Manot?

Various industries and use cases can benefit from using Manot, including but not limited to autonomous vehicles, retail, security surveillance, and more.

Does Manot offer a trial or demo period?

Yes, Manot offers a free version that users can sign up for and explore its features and capabilities in more detail.

Manot is transforming how AI teams deploy computer vision models into production.

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